Learn about us and what we do best.


Our mission


Our goal is to provide a quality stream to watch and follow, even if there's no commentary. We aim to develop new and interesting ways to give viewers a clear window inside a game regardless of the game that is streamed. We also want to engage ourselves at LAN-parties to provide organisers with a care-free streaming service, on a channel or streaming service of your choice. You hire us, we take care of everything.

So who are we?


Ground-Zero TV is mostly run by myself, InFerNo. I am also the last active poster on Holysh1t, keeping a piece of Quake Live history alive. Lashknife has been with Holysh1t since the very beginning and is well known in the CTF community, coming from Quake 3. I joined Holysh1t later when Holysh1t TV was created, while my background comes from Quake 2. I skipped Quake 3 and moved straight on to Quake Wars where I played with Lashknife in our nation's pride Team Belgium before moving on to Quake Live.



InFerNo is running all the streams and does all the advertisement on several social media sites: I keep shit updated. Lashknife helps out where he can, mostly in the VPS management and server configuration.

How do we do it?


We've put the general outline of our setup in a schema that's easy to understand:

Our History

Holysh1t Quake Live community was initially created for the Quake Live CTF community. It all started with the pickup channel #euqlctf (on QuakeNet). Soon after, the website was launched. As most of you know, the name Holysh1t is derived from the ingame event of shooting the enemy flag carrier right on the brink of scoring a capture, awarded by the ingame voiceover of "holy shit".
2009 gets launched. We hope to bring some fun entertainment of ongoing online tournaments to your screen, providing coverage of Quake Live games from numerous competitions and/or events. We had a very basic looking site going for a while, but after several weeks of intense work whenever we had a bit of free time, we managed to change the status of our tv site from basic to awesome-beyond-infinity.
The name Ground-Zero gets chosen by the Holysh1t TV team after months of brainstorming between InFerNo, Lashknife, b5k and FOR3CAS7. Plans are made but are never carried out. Lashknife becomes a father and FOR3CAS7 has a job offer he couldn't refuse. With the team falling apart, InFerNo takes a break from Quake Live, while b5k returns to CPMA. Bartolome0 told me to mention Bartolome0 as well.
InFerNo picks up where Holysh1t was left. He and Lashknife posted news occasionally in the past 2 years, but in July 2012 InFerNo picks up the pace, starts posting news often and is streaming again for Holysh1t TV. In the meantime Lashknife became a father for the 2nd time.
Holysh1t TV is finally closed down, making room for, seperating TV from the newssite allowing more freedom in game casting. The change was prompted by the closing of, forcing InFerNo and Lashknife to copy the large VOD archive from Holysh1t TV to Youtube.
World domination.
World domination plans on hold.
Quake Champions hype is real.